Balenciaga in Bangkok

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  1. Hi all, does anyone know if the bal store in BKK carries GGH items?

    On a separate note, I'm planning to get my 1st bal bag (pompon) and can't decide between a Raisin GGH or an Anthracite GGH. What a headache. HEELP!
  2. anyone know how much is Balenciaga City RH in Bangkok ?

    ah am
  3. There is no GGH in Bangkok & d GSH city cost about THB 73000 (now $1 = THB 33)
    I'm looking for a city GGH in black too but Anthracite & Raisin I would pick Raisin.

    For regular city I think it's about THB 65000 or 68000 not sure on this one.
  4. So strange how there is no ggh in thailand - I love the black and raisin with ggh. I would go with a city or work though, I'm not sure about the pompom never saw anyone carry one in real life.