Balenciaga in Bangkok?

  1. anyone been to any stores in bangkok that carries bbags and how r their prices?

    2ndly, a good selection or...?


    ill be visiting there this week so i need some advice...
  2. the city rh is 62,000 baht or around 17xx usd and they have only 2-3 colour for each style.
  3. I purchased my first City bag from Balenciaga Bangkok in May of this year. Yes, their prices are a lot more expensive than in the U.S. Like Yuiyui said, a City is retailed 62,000 Baht (around $1700.00 something for mine), but you get a VAT refund (7%) if you are a tourist (show a passport when purchasing it). If you want to get a little more discount, grab all free Bangkok maps at an information counter at the airport. In one of the maps, you will see a 5% discount card that you can use when shopped at Siam Paragon Mall (where Balenciaga BKK is located), and this 5% discount card is valid until the end of this year. Present this card to a salesperson and you will get another 5% discount off the 62,000 Bath price tag (total 12% discount).

    When I shopped there, I was looking for a City bag. The store had a few colors on display, but they had more colors in the back door. The salesladies were nice, so you could ask them to bring different bags, colors, and styles to show you.

    Hope this helps and have a good time shopping in Bangkok.
  4. that's cool thanks for everyones' help! with the 5+7 = 12% discount, does that make the prices around the same as in the U.S.?
  5. anyone been or heard of club 21? they sell bbags too
  6. I have heard that Club 21 carries authetic Balenciaga bags in Bangkok, but I have never shopped there, so I don't know where it is. Maybe someone living in Bangkok could give us more information about this boutique.

    In terms of prices, I still think Bangkok prices are more expensive than here (U.S.), even after a VAT refund and additional discount. The thing is you have to pay for a currency exchange fee on top of a bag price tag. This charge depends on the Thai Baht amount that is charged on your card. The more Baht is swiped, the higher fee you have to pay. I know it sucks, and I only noticed an extra charge on my card after the statement was in the mail (I was charged $56 for this currency exchange fee). If I had known of this, I would have paid cash for the bag, but it is okay. I like my bag, and at the time, I could not find anything that I liked at Neiman Marcus here.
  7. I've been there last Saturday, must say, it's quite more expensive than purchasing in US or Europe.So, I suggest you to purchase it in US or Europe cause it'll cause you less:smile: I only checked the prices of two bags which are;
    WORK, its around 60000bht
    WEEKENDER, its around 70000bht
    so you divide by about36-40 (for the exchange rate) to get the price in$
    and both are for regularware
    I dont know about the VAT refund

    I hope this can help:smile: