Balenciaga in Bangkok, anyone know the selection and prices?

  1. Hi gals, I will be making a trip to Bangkok sometime in end-February and I know there are a couple of Balenciaga stores there: in Siam Paragon etc.

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the prices of the bags in BKK are lower and if the selection is any good? TIA! :p
  2. shiny_hair, I can't help you with the selection but I do know that their prices are even worse than ours! If I didn't remember wrongly, they were selling a GH City for around SGD$3000 :wtf::wtf:
  3. Thanks so much for replying pinkiestarlet! Eeeek if the prices are so high, I don't think I will bother to take a look then :wtf:
  4. No problem ;) I was also quite shocked that the prices were so outrageous, I thought we had it bad, it seems they are worse!
  5. they had good selection though! i saw an 05 bordeau weekender and 2 cornflower bags (bowling and day) :smile: quite a few new bags too actually so worth going to see the colors. oh i saw a vert gazon first and city too!
  6. Oh my! They had a Cornflower Bowling!! I want!!
  7. Ooh really? Ok I think I will def be stopping by Siam Paragon, probably just take a look at the colours IRL then. Thanks!

    Was going to ask this question in a new thread and found this one that answered my questions (I am going to Bangkok in August)

    Why oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyy are the prices so high :crybaby:

    Might have to plan my next trip to the US or UK... probably even find a bbag there on SALE! Now THAT would be well worth the trip!
  9. Hi - I was in Bangkok in Nov and checked out the B store in Siam Paragon.

    I don't remember the exact prices - I was looking only at city bags - but they def. were way more expensive that buying the same bag in the US.

    They did have some whistle bags on sale there though, but I didn't note the prices.

    The SAs were very friendly.