Balenciaga in Bahrain?

  1. Two weeks ago I was in Bahrain, walking through the new wing of the Al Aali Mall, where Coach, Franscesco Biasia and Bally have opened shops. I noticed there is a rather large Balenciaga shop being fitted out:yahoo:. Does anyone know when it's scheduled to open? I'm desperate for it to be soon so I can go and drool and hopefully buy my first BBag, either a First or a City.
  2. Not sure about a specific bbag store opening, but I do know that Chloe Bahrain carries balenciaga. It's in the same mall.
  3. Thanks thithi, I've been in the Chloe store and they only had one First and no City's. I think they might be whittling down as the new store is just approx 150ft away from them and it was being fitted out two weeks ago. I guess I'll have to try and get back over there next month and hope the new store is open. On my wishlist is khaki and truffe (not sure whether First or City as I've only ever seen a First).
  4. Anyone know if it's opened yet? Any ideas about stock and prices? Boyfriend is going there for a business trip next week :graucho:
  5. i think it is, i'll go check it out :yahoo: