Balenciaga in Australia

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm looking for somewhere in Sydney that sells Balenciaga or that may resell balenciaga's (previous seasons) on behalf of other people. I can't seem to find a store online or anywhere in the city that stocks them.

    Also is it true balenciaga doesn't sell through any retailers online?

    Thanks for your help xxx
  2. I believe the only stockist in Australia is Cultstatus and its located in Perth..So sadly for us the Sydney gals, it either purchase from overseas or Cultstatus..

    Or we could open our own? :graucho:
  3. Cosmopolian Shoes stocks Balenciaga... but waaaaaaaaaay over retail.

    Same as Miss Louise in Melbourne...
  4. Really?
    Fashion-cult, any chance you know the prices of their bags?
    Also what kind of stocks do they have?
  5. I wouldn't buy from either miss louise or cosmopolitan - talk about attitude from the SA!!!

    So far I've bought 3 bbags from Cultstatus and found them to be extremely friendly and helpful. They reply to emails very promptly too.
  6. agree with JadeLeaves

    I went to miss Louise to try on the bags before i decided which one i wanted.

    But my BF's mum used to work there so he came with me and all the sales staff were fab with us.

    i ended up buying from NY balenciaga, but i had to pay tax on it.
  7. ITA!!! I've bought 1 bag from Cosmopolitan out of sheer desperation and I'd never do that again! The prices are the most expensive...more than anywhere else I've ever seen, and the rudeness of the SAs just topped it all off!:cursing:

    After that one time, I REFUSE to step a foot in there!

  8. how much where they??? i really want to go see one in teh shop for the new 08 colours before they sell out over here.

    i'm going to bangkok in jan and they have an actual balanciaga store in the shopping centre attached to the hotel im staying at (pathuwan princess, a hotel attached to a shopping centre GENIUS!) but i know byt the time i get there all the good colours will have sold out especially the electric blue!
  9. aki!!!! how good would it be to open our own!
    first pics at the new colours, being surround by constant beauty and special discounts to TPF members haha
  10. LOL :roflmfao:
    Or we end up selling the bags to..ourselves? :roflmfao:
  11. Sorry to hear that most of people that shops at Cosmo have a bad experience :sad:
    Hence I dont understand how they do their business...they are selling goods that price at more than 1K, at least they could do is being nice to their customers..

    I bought once from CultStatus and I will recommend them cos the prompt and friendly customer service..but the price of their Bbags....*ouchh :Push:
  12. i recommend jean brown in brisbane queensland. prices are great, SA nice! try to get shannon, shes the store manager..
  13. yeah thats the problem... as we would get them at cost price. i don't think the business would do too well with us keeping all the merchandise

    someone should open up one in sydney though :woohoo:
  14. i've been in contact with cult status about the ss08 line (due in aus in late december) how much do they tend to charge? say for a first or city bag?
  15. A City with RH will be a little bit under 2k, I can't remember the exact amt, but you won't get much change from 2k ;)

    I think Bryony from CS said they will start getting S/S08 bags in March, which is a little later than I expected, but I think they tend to get their shipment a bit later than the rest of the world.

    CS is not bringing in any pinks in GSH, so I'm ordering direct from Bal NY this time. I think with the exchange rate it works out to be a little cheaper too.

    However, I'll still highly recommend CS!