Balenciaga in Atlanta

  1. Does anyone know where to find Balenciaga in Atlanta?

    I've only see Balenciaga at Bob Ellis, and not a huge selection at all. I've seen some small wallets and clutches at the Barney's co-op - but they don't tend to carry them regularly. Someone on another forum mentioned that Neiman Marcus has started to carry them. Any others? :smile:
  2. Go to NM, they have their own Balenciaga wing now!
  3. Thanks Carmen!
  4. NP! I was just in there yesterday and there was a pretty good selection...there were some greens (sorry I don't know which ones) and lots of blacks, blues, magentas and bubble gum pinks.
    They also had 2 black moneys that I was eyeing hehe.
  5. ^ That's so good to hear!! I wonder if we'll see more B-bags around town now that they've opened that. I hardly ever see anyone else with one. I work near Lenox so I think I'll stop by NM tomorrow during lunch! weee!!
  6. I go to NM at Lenox at least once a week and they have had lots of Bbags with more coming in. I have bought 3 there recently and loved the leather on each of them. Dennis is my SA and he is great.
  7. That's good to know because I went today hoping they would have some of the envelope clutches, but they did not. Good selection of spring '08 bags though. Hopefully they'll continue to build out that area more like the Chanel and LV mini-boutiques.