Balenciaga, I'm BACK!

  1. I'm sure most of you know of my situation... and I am glad to say that I have re-united with my love for Balenciaga!

    I found myself ranting about how Bal's are it-and-a-bit etc etc etc over dinner tonight!

    Funnily enough, my ex came around earlier to pick up his stuff. He arrived sooner than expected (I planned not to be here when he came) and I was all dolled up ready for a night out. He, on the other hand, had overgrown stubble, just finished work and looked crappy.

    So here I was feeling and looking great and telling him how good I have been feeling and how happy I am.

    It really made me feel like I came out on top... evil, I know, and not a solution to any problem, but we girls love our "revenge"... if thats what you want to call it. I would consider it more of a confidence booster!

    All in all, I am soooo happy I did not sell them in my state of devistation!

    Thanks to all the PF'ers who gave me the the best advice I could have asked for...

  2. Excellent news!

    I am so happy you held on to your Balenciagas:yes:

    And you are right:

    Looking good is the best revenge!! Bet he was:drool:
  3. Heheh... yep.

    It was one of those situations where I actually did and said everything you usually WISH you did and said once they had left...

    I'm on top of the world... and I know there are bigger and better things to come...

    Perhaps a Weekender? :nuts:
  4. Fashion, I'm so glad to hear you are on top of the world again :king: - good on ya girl - I saw your earliers post and all the great replies, amazing support here - so ..
    (i) well done for holding onto your true love (the Bbags!)
    (ii) what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, and lastly, its true that
    (iii) Revenge is a dish best eaten cold... Ha!! :devil: slightly evil, but hey....
  6. PS - (ii) what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger

    is one of my most favourite quotes ever. The best quotes are the ones that are simple, yet true!
  7. yay Girl!

    glad you came back around!
  8. YEAH...I'm so glad you are feeling better and still have your bags to cheer you up! Life does go on and you never know where it will take you!
  9. Yeah!!!! I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better!
  10. Glad to see you're feeling better, and great one for showing him its his loss!
  11. :yahoo: Yea!! What a way to make a "come back"!!! You rock girl!!
  12. Iàm Happy that you are a little greatbit back on your feet again.
    Welcome back, we love U.
    Huggs and kisses FX.:heart: :heart: :heart:

    What a great idee a weekender i`am sure U wil love it:nuts:
  13. wooooooooooo-whooooooooo, welcome back girl!!! :party:
  14. Welcome back, glad to hear you're feeling better!
  15. You go girl!!!!!!!!! Theres nothing like that feeling when you look amazing and the ex looks like :censor: lol! Welcome back and a big weekender sounds fantastic!