BALENCIAGA - I knew I would find you!!!!

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  1. Dearest Magentga City Balenciaga,

    I just knew we were meant to be together forever. I have searched for you for over a year now and finally, in the closet of a woman who lives 5 minutes from my office, I have found you. You, still in the box with all your tags, unloved and unwanted. She called you "too bright" - how DARE she! You cost me $400 over retail - but I don't care damn it! I LOVE YOU! Unlike, Magenta Twiggy and Magenta First which are going on the ebay chopping block next week, I will NEVER sell you. You are the only one for me. Yes, there are days you will compete with black City but know that you will always be my favorite. How romantic that I found you on Valentines day :love:

    All my love,


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  2. Aww.. how cute, a true love story ! ;)
  3. A match made in handbag heaven!!!! Congrats!!!
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: LOL! What a lovely dedication.

    It is gorgeous, the color is great!
  5. I swear to God, I will rest easier now that I have this bag. This is a sickness. Now if I could just get that Lanvin Jet Set bag...:blink:
  6. Aww... great story!! That's very creative of you. Congrats!!
  7. omg! i love your new b-bag! are you selling your magenta FIRST??????? hook me up!
  8. that is a very touching story. :smile: the perfect one for v-day...
  9. Hahahaha, great how you go it on valentine's day too!

    Congrats! :biggrin:
  11. Wonderfull B-Bag story!
  12. Congrats! It's Beautiful!:love:
  13. It was clearly meant to be. Keep us posted on the status of your other beauties!!!
  14. I love happy endings...Congrats!
  15. Such a cute letter to go with an especially cute bag--which is saying A LOT since I'm not a B fan... GREAT color!