Balenciaga, I am trying to figure you out

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  1. The long ways the members of this community are willing to go to undermine others, beat them to the deal, screw one another over, is simply mind blowing. Is it all not about a dyed piece of cow hide that we are talking here?

    I am not an idiot that lives in denial, I know there is a lot of behind-the-scenes buying and selling going on in this forum in particular; I suppose it is the nature of rarity of past-season bags and an addiction and desire for those rare bags that makes people break our forum rules - and even worse, stoop down to a disgustingly inhuman level. All the "Should I sell or keep my bag"-ish threads, the ones that bend the rules, yet not break them... the ones in which there's slight hints that the OP may be interested in selling the good piece... it is those threads that occur here on a daily basis that usually are the breeding ground for conflict just asking to happen.

    I've seen collective bullying and attempts to artificially promote/demote interest in certain items for the direct benefit of another individual, and there's a lot more.

    A few weeks ago, I ranted about a similar, yet different thing in Hermes, now it's time to address this community. I won't go into much detail, but there will be changes in Balenciaga. Many.

    It was not enough for me to having to close the shopping section, the predator behavior simply shifted into the main Bal forum. The things I learned about a few handfuls of Bal members frankly made me want to toss this whole forum into the recycle bin. For the sake of tPF though, I'll rather extend the following promise:

    Tread lightly, my ban axe is in full swing and I will do a good cleansing if necessary. If you can not play nice with the rest, you will be banned.

    I will introduce a new rule set in the next few days. Fact of the matter remains, this section can not go on like it has in the past months.
  2. :crybaby:

    how could such a beautiful thing go so wrong.......

    my heart fell through my stomach when I saw a big red thumbs down from the creator of tPF......on the bbag forum.........

    still in shock over what I just read......... :crybaby:
  3. Wow. I guess i'm super naive, because while i can see what you're talking about, i think as a whole the positives out weigh the negatives for our section of the forum.

    I would be so sad to see my favorite section go away :sad:
  4. I guess I'm naive as well.
    I have no idea what he is talking about!
  5. ITA. it is never a good feeling when the parents are mad at their children. :cry:
  6. Well, I have to say this post by Vlad is not a surprise to me. The things you laid out Vlad are the reasons I fell out of love and left the Bbag forum.

    However, I hope things will be resolved once and for all for the sake of those who's hearts still skip a beat for Balenciaga.
  7. oh no!! not the bal forum!! :sad: please not THIS!! .. we will play nice .. wont we girls???
  8. i am trying very hard (always visit the site and live vicariously and :drool::drool::drool:) reaching my 500th post and join marketplaza! i swear!:smile:

    i know what i like...i read, read and ask around...but i still know what i like and get them new(as much as possible):P

    Thanks Vlad for the forum and enforcing the rules.
  9. I think i am naive as well, i didnt know this things happening in here, but i think we have to make an effort to be better, i cant imagine this blog without balforum:crybaby:
  10. i have no clue some bad things are going on in our forum....hopefully those things will go away soon....

    so we can all enjoy ur bags in peace :smile:
  11. Vlad, I guess I've not been around long enough to catch on to any of this meaness. The members I've come across have been so welcoming, and generous with their help, not only with me, but with the other newbies. I've been struck with the quickness with which so many jump in to reassure our lack of confidence, as well as their endless patience with the most rudimentary questions! Maybe I've been lucky, but my experience so far, has been of a friendly, non-judgmental and accepting community.

    I hope you won't throw out the many wonderful b-bag babies with the bathwater! :sad:
  12. I have over a thousand posts, mostly in the Balenciaga forum, and I have no idea what Vlad is going on about! I hope I haven't contributed to the unhappiness, but I am really clueless! :wtf:
  13. And the boys also Vlad.
    Sorry if we didn`t behave, so sorry:crybaby:

    Hugs FX:heart:
  14. Thanks Vlad for looking out for us. I hope whatever that is causing the problem will be resolved this way.
  15. what a bummer. I've seen alot of mean spirited posts in the forum lately but had no idea there was anything going on in the B-Bag forum. (trying to stay out of alot of the handbag threads so I can save some money!)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.