Balenciaga Holiday Gift Exchange: Sign-Up & Rules

  1. The Balenciaga Holiday Gift Exchange

    What: This is a holiday gift exchange, similar to a Secret Santa. You will be randomly assigned a buddy that you will be responsible for sending one gift to. In turn, you will receive a gift from a different person. Please see full rules below for further details. You will receive notification of who your buddy is on 11/16/2007 to allow you enough time to shop!

    When: You will be responsible for sending one gift to your buddy that has to arrive between December 1 – 24

    Why: This is a fabulous way to get to know other members that you might not normally have a chance to communicate with! Plus, we’re all shopping addicts and it’s always fun to shop for other people!

    How/When Do I Sign Up: Sign-ups will take place from November 1- 15. Please see full details below for how to officially sign up.

    Complete rules (PLEASE READ!!!!):

    1. After signing up you are responsible for sending one package/gift to your assigned buddy.
    2. Total value of package/gift MUST be between $30-50 USD (or equivalent in Euros/Pounds, etc.)
    3. There are no rules about what type of gift you must send. Be creative and be in the holiday mood ☺
    4. If your buddy is located in the same country as you, you MUST ship your package by 12/15 to ensure arrival by 12/24.
    5. If your buddy is located in a different country, you MUST ship your package by 12/7 to ensure arrival by 12/24.
    6. You MUST PM me proof of mailing your package. In the US you can add delivery confirmation to your package. In Canada you can add proof of delivery/registered to your package. In Europe, you can PM/email me a copy of your receipt.

    Who Can Participate:

    1. If you have been a member of tPF for a minimum of 30 days AND
    2. Have a post count of at least 1 post per day AND
    3. Have a minimum of 250 posts that are unique contributions to the community (more than just having 250 posts that say ‘congrats’, etc.) AND
    4. You have posted a picture on the forum within the previous 30 days and own a digital camera

    How To Join:

    1. Between November 1- 15 PM the following information to me:
    a. Which Holiday Exchange Program You Are Joining (tPF-wide, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton)
    b. Mailing address including the name you would like package addressed to
    c. Email address
    d. Mailing preference (please indicate which countries you would ship to, or just say anywhere if you don’t care)
    e. Will you be an Angel (An Angel is someone who is emailed in the event that someone does not fulfill their obligation and send out a gift…Angels send out a small $5-10 gift to make sure no one feels left out and that everyone gets a gift! You are not under any obligation to send a gift if you say you’ll be an Angel)

    What Happens Next:

    1. Within 24-48 hours of PMing me you will receive a confirmation PM from me
    2. Within 48 hours of that confirmation you will receive an email from This is an online program that randomly assigns buddys and allows you to create wishlists and ask questions of your buddy!
    3. You MUST confirm the invitation from Elfster to participate!
    4. On 11/16/2007 you will receive an email from Elfster with your buddy’s name and a PM from me with your buddy’s mailing information
    5. Then shop shop shop!!!!!

    If you have any questions…please ask them in this thread or PM me.
  2. Woohoooo....we already have 5 people signed up!

    To answer a couple questions I got in PMs (because everyone might want to know) can specify in your wishlist/on Elfster your religion, gender & any allergies!

    You can participate in this exchange as well as the tPF wide exchange. They are two separate exchanges!
  3. Email invites went out to the first batch of sign-ups just now!!!!
  4. Also...just to let people know...if you are unsure if you qualify please feel free to PM me anytime!
  5. So far we have 15 people in the exchange!!! Only 11 days left to get signed up....don't forget about it and miss out...get your PMs in while it's on your mind!
  6. Only 9 days left to get signed up!!!!!!
  7. Only 1 week left to get signed uP!!!!

    We already have 18 people registered for this one :smile:
  8. I can't wait! It's gonna be funnnn
  9. It is gonna be a blast!!!! We already have 20 people signed up...and still have 5 days left to go :smile:
  10. Only 2 more days left to get signed up!!!!!!!!
  11. Only 1 more day left to get signed up!!!! Don't miss's gonna be a blast!
  12. Yay, i'm so excited! heh :O)
  13. Me too!!! I can't wait to find out who my buddy is!!!!!!
  14. everyone sign up!! It's gonna be awesome!
  15. Agree with CT! This is going to be the best exchange ever! Sign up!