Balenciaga Hobo

  1. I am considering purchasing a Balenciaga hobo (love the slouch). In talking to a SA, he shared with me that alot of women complain about how all their stuff gets all cluttered together in the center of the bag, and they cannot find anything so I may want to think about it. I appreciate his input. I am looking for some comments from the ladies.
  2. Are you referring to the Giant Hobo, or the Day? I think the Giant Hobo (it is only available with giant hardware) is easy to find things in. It is one of my favorite bags, and the reason that I fell in love with GGH. I have a Day, but I haven't ever used her. But I know that for a lot of gals, that is the favorite bag.
  3. victoria, I'm also wondering if you mean the giant hobo or the day. I don't own a hobo, but when I tried it on at the store once, I fell in love with it. To me, it seems like it'd be the perfect size- not too deep, but big enough. Guess it depends on what you carry in your bags.

    If you're referring to the day, check out this thread:
    I was worried the day would be a bottomless pit, but after I got my first day, I fell in love with it. Anyways, I already stated my opinion on the thread above, so if you're considering the day check that out. :smile:
  4. bags4fun and sunny07, I mean the hobo. The SA was not specific about any particular hobo. Does the hobo only come in giant? I did go back and read Day vs. City (thanks). I read where some ladies found the Day bag uncomfortable on their shoulder. I wonder if they loaded up the bag too much. I may be swaying more toward the hobo. Is it heavy with the hardware?
  5. I'm not sure if you know this, but the Day is often referred to as the Hobo (mostly before the bag actually named Hobo came out).

    The (new) Hobo only comes with giant hardware and it is a bit heavier than the RH Day, but still very light IMO.

    As for shoulder comfort: I own both bags and I'm one of the (very few!) people who have complained about the handles pinching the shoulder (even when the bags are almost empty). The Hobo is no different from the Day in that respect, as it has the same type of handle.

    Having said that, I must stress that I LOVE both bags, I just mainly wear them with thicker clothes, which completely eliminates the discomfort.

    It really is quite odd. I took the Day travelling for a month this summer and when the pinching got too bad (it actually left deep creases in my skin!) I would have my boyfriend carry it, and he had no problem at all - no marks on him. (I was very proud of him for wearing my MAGENTA bag with no man-issues - AND totally ROCKING it as well! ;)

    Also, both styles have HUGE pockets, so I don't think they're difficult to organize at all.

    Good luck finding a bag that is good for you. :smile:
  6. Maybe what the SA was referring to was a possible tendency, in a crescent-shaped bag like the Giant Hobo, of things to go to the center of the bag. A couple of people have posted about not liking that. It's sort of a flat bag, and a lot of clumping of stuff couldd make it look a little misshapen. I just arrange my stuff in the hobo to help prevent that and love the style. Anyway, this is different from the complaint about the Day that it's so deep, everything gets lost down in the bag.
  7. I have a hobo and it is truly my fav style ever! It's sooo comfy on the shoulder and a perfect size for all your stuff without being to deep! It's a great compromise for the day . . .
  8. I don't have a hobo but with a slouchy shape like it, a tendency to have all things sink to the centre bottom sounds very possible. You can organize in pouches then even if all of them sink towards the centre, it would not be all that difficult to fish out especially since the height from zipper to end of bag is not all that tall IMO. It is a very nice shape & the GH adds just enough punch. I would consider this one day after I am done with what I want to get.
  9. I have both, and love them both! (No problems with either handle for me btw)

    I actually prefer the hobo to the day. I don't have any difficulties finding my things in the hobo or having them all clumped together in the centre. And I simply can't understand why there're so few fans of the hobo out there, it's a great bag!!

    The day, it's a love-hate relationship for me. I love it cos I can stuff huge amounts of things in it, and it drapes so so beautifully. But if I don't organise my things in there with smaller pouches, I will have to dig like crazy for them, so that's when it irrates me. maybe your SA was talking about the day instead of the hobo?