Balenciaga Hobo style

  1. Ladies, after I purchased my first Bal in Hobo I totally fell in love
    with the style.:yahoo:
    I used to be a city girl, but now the hobo rules me.

    Now I wish to get a Magneta hobo or:

    1. Lilac 06
    2. dolma 05
    3. black 06
    4. indigo
    5. teal-of course
    6. caramel o5
    That`s my wish list:p

    Do you guys love them too?
  2. I have a truffle day hobo that I LOVE. I think it's my fave bbag. So yeah, I'm right there with you!:heart:
  3. oooh,what color did you get your new hobo in Swiss?
  4. Pewter hobo-and it is very lovely.:p
  5. Awww congrats!!! The Pewter Day is absolutely fabulous! It really pops without looking tacky... it's such a gorgeous bag :nuts:
  6. I love my 05 Olive Day! In fact, I'm getting her ready to go out right now. There's a thread on joining the Day Club -- you should post photos of your bag there!
  7. Congrats! I am thinking of a day for my next bbag. Now I just have to decide which color....:smile:
  8. The day has become my favorite greige is just such a beauty and goes with almost everything.
    I did have, actually still have an Ink but I've decided to part with it. Funny thing is I still think that INK is one of the greatest colors Bal has made until now.

    I would love to get a choc day and maybe a french blue (a little color) sometime later.:p
  9. :confused1: I heard the hobos come in 2 sizes, really?
    I have the one only...pewter, but what size is it?
  10. post pics of your pewter. I'd love to see it. I bet it's gorgeous!
  11. Yes I will try to post it, had trouble last time...the pics are always
    to large....;)
  12. i love rouge vif hobo
  13. Oh my god-firstclass1 - you have an applegreen day....
    another one for my wishlist-thanks....:yahoo:
  14. The day bag is my favorite style! I have 6 of them. They are so easy to use and carry, I love it. Here's pics of my collection. [​IMG]