Balenciaga Hobo price??

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  1. Quick question... anyone knows what a Balenciaga Hobo bag costs (preferably in £) ? I belive it's less than First and City, but maybe I'm wrong?!

    Thanks :yes:
  2. the Day/Hobo costs the same as the First here in the US, it should be the same in Europe
  3. Thanks... went to Selfridges today and it was £525...
  4. UK prices are way out of line with US prices. The First is £650-£675 here in the UK depending on where you buy and the Hobo/Day is only £525. The City is between £720 and £740 :Push: :sweatdrop: . Mainland Europe is much cheaper than UK on most of the styles.
  5. Too bad I live in London then :crybaby: and I can't even find a black Day here... only a display model at Selfridges and it's so distressed...
  6. Here in Paris, The Day is only 675€ ...
  7. Oh, that's a god price... if only I lived in Paris.
  8. fromparis-> Do you know if the B store in Paris ships outside of France?!
  9. Yes !!!
    An Italian Pfer bought a clutch from them recently !!!
  10. :yahoo: Will definitely have to look in to that... Only problem is you don't get to see the bag first, and I really don't like them too distressed...

  11. I live in the UK too and have bought from Balenciaga Paris a few times this season as most styles are cheaper (especially the Day and the First). I can speak a little french and so I describe the bag I want. The SA's speak excellent English though and will help you find your ideal bag. Ask for Kevin or Manuella - both are very helpful :yes:

    Some styles aren't much cheaper and I would rather go to London and pick my own bag but for the First and Day it is well worth ringing Paris. Good luck:flowers:
  12. Thanks Balchlfen! I don't speak any French, so not sure how to explain to them, that I don't wan't a distressed/veiny bag... I definitely prefer to buy them here as well so I can see them IRL, but I want a Day sooo bad.

    Is shipping expensive and how long does it take?!

    Thanks again!
  13. They charge 19 EUR shipping plus 6 EUR insurance so 25 EUR all in. They ship using DHL and it takes only one or two days!

    You ring them and ask them if they have the bag you want and if they have it in stock they will fax you an order form which you need to complete and fax back with a copy of your Passport (as ID) and your credit card that you want to pay with. They don't take orders over the phone or by email - that's the only inconvenience if you don't have a fax nmachine.....

    Give Kevin or Manuella a call - they speak almost perfect English :yes:
  14. Oh I will definitely try that tomorrow then... just have to find a fax :s

    Thanks, you're a star ;)
  15. :yahoo: They had 1 black in Bal in Paris.

    Talked to Kevin, and he was so sweet! Can't wait for DHL to come :yes: