Balenciaga Hip question

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  1. Hi, I've just bought an original hip having never tried this style irl lol. The bag doesn't have the adjustable strap and looks very long! Is there any way of adjusting it? TIA
  2. Other than making a knot in the strap no. The old style came in one length I think the newer ones might have a adjustable strap I typically don't pay too close attention to this bag because it's too small for my needs.

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  3. I have an original hip and when I want it a little shorter I undo the clasp, string it through the metal circle on one side, and then hook it to the metal circle on the other side. It's not the most glamorous look, but has worked really well so far.
  4. Yeah if you do that and then pull up on both straps you have a shortish double-strap bag and it looks really good.
  5. Thank uoi