Balenciaga HELP!!

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  1. i don't know if they did special hardware for this bag, but i've never seen a b-bag with hardware the same color as the bag. is it limited edition? everything else checks out fine (bales, how the extra tassels are wrapped, etc.)
  2. Well, i know that Balenciaga came out with this limited edition color in 2004 fall. Extra tassle wrapped in plastic...
  3. all the tell-tale signs of a fake check out fine to me, the tassles should be wrapped as they are and the bales are rounded not squared. those are the best things to look out for. nothing but the extra tassles should be wrapped in plastic and you should always make sure that the numbers on both sides of the tag match the style number of the bag, which can be found at hope that helps!
  4. Interesting color!...Is it a frosty red? I can't tell? Please post pics. I LOVE RED. Metallic?
  5. You can take a deep breath. The purse looks real to me. I bought the pumpkin city from this seller and it's definitely authentic. Congratulations on your first Bbag!!
  6. looks real to me... but ceejay would probably know for sure.
  7. Hi Star

    Yes its metallic red. Its a very bright color but i always love bright colors.. haha

    I'll try to post pictures soon. Meanwhile personal shopper has the metallic pink one for sale before. I chose the red instead though.

    Thanks everyone! :smile:

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  8. wow wow wow!

    thats such a crazy colour!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i cant wait to see pics!!!!! :smile:

    sorry, i was no actual help! i just wanted to let you know that i think the colour is cool!
  9. Pictures.

    Looks legit??

    Never own a B bag before. So i am a little worried.. :amazed:

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  10. does the card say 2006???? you know the little card with the information on it????

    you can always check this website out, she's totally awesome with all the information about b-bags!!!!!
  11. No. This color was just released in late 2004 and early 2005. I was about to get the pink color in dec 2004 but i decided against it... so i know for sure that Balenciaga does release the metallic color for one season.
    My only main concern is if this bag is legit. I saw soooooo many bags on ioffer that is metallic in color. I never own a B bag so i dont know how to tell the difference.
    So far so good.. the number on the tag matched the metal tag in the bag..
    Anymore comments, suggestions?
    Thank you all!! I love you guys :smile:
  12. looks real to me, but i'd like to see a pic of the bales that attach the shoulder strap to the bag to make sure. but it basically looks like someone took a pic of my pewter b-bag and photoshopped it red, the texture is the same and everything, so i'd call it tentatively authentic without seeing the bales.
  13. HAHAHA.. amanda you are so funny...

    What is bales by the way? I will try to take picture and show u.
  14. is this what you are looking for?

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