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  1. :cry: Hi everyone, since I've been on here and hearing so much rave about the b bags, I've decided to get one, so now I'm trying to look for a red one. Does the b bag even come in that color. I would like the motorcycle le dix bag. My first choice was white but I think it would get dirty really easily. please help me .... confused. and don't know anything about b bags.
  2. I'm so happy, I was just reading another thread that said there is a boutique in hawaii called aloha rags that carry balenciaga. I'm going to hawaii next week. yayy !!!I was just on there site and was reading about the b bags they carry. I don't even know what half of them are. COuld somebody please tell me what is a the city bag and the weekender and so on. CLUELESS
  3. Rouge (lipstick red) is coming out later this F/W 2006 so you can wait for that color.
  4. You can also email Aloha Rag ( Ask for the new pdf photo file that shows color options and the bags they currently have in stock. A list of bags is available at
  5. Thanks
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