Balenciaga Help... Violet/Ivory?

  1. If you have to choose one color of balenciaga. Would you choose the violet or ivory? I REALLY LOVEEE :love::love::love: the violet, but it's pony instead of leather. On the other hand, the ivory can be a great spring/summer bag, and plus it's all leather. I like the shape of the leather better. I'm so confussed now. HELLLPP...!

  2. Well ... to add fuel to the fire ...

    I have a White Voyage/Weekender, and you know what ... I've never used it!!!!! Why? Because the lighter the color, the dirtier it gets (and quickly - unfortunately). I also have the Seafoam Voyage/Weekender, and unlike the darker-colored bags, the light bags (especially in leather) show the dirt and use more so than the darker or pony bags.

    I'm not usually a violet/purple person per se, but I must say, I really like the Violet Pony Bag. I've seen it "in person" at Louis of Boston, and I really like it. My vote - VIOLET!!
  3. I'm not a fan of the pony hair bags in any color. I prefer the all leather bags. I have a cornflower City and I just got a white Twiggy. I enjoy using a white bag in the summer so I don't worry too much about getting it dirty. I will try to be careful with it, but I know I'll use it all summer long. I'd say get the ivory.
  4. Does anyone have a picture of the Ivory color? A couple of seasons back, Balenciaga had an Ivory (Calcaire - I think?!) ... anyhow, it always looked like it had been dragged through some mud (at least to me).
  5. 1whi.jpg

    This season's white/ivory.
  6. CeeJay, I think this bag may be the calcaire color.
  7. I vote the ivory :smile:
  8. Love the violet but if it were me, I'd tire of it quickly. My vote is for ivory.
  9. Ivory all the way. :amuse:
  10. is this ivory the twiggy or city?
  11. Definatley go for the leather! I do not like Ponyhair!!!!!
  12. I love the balenciaga bags in white - but, be sure if this is the color you want that you are prepared for the consequences of a white bag.
  13. Oh definitely ivory (aka calcaire) unless it's white, which is just a stark white if you're comparing it to the pony hair. Everywhere I've gone that was selling b-bags, they had a plethora of pony hairs laying around. They're even more expensive and will eventually bald in high friction areas. The violet is stunning but I don't think the hair is versatile anyway.
  14. Thanks everyone for the feedback!... I'm still confused.. Hopefully in a couple of days.. I've made a decision...
  15. i would go for violet. but the new violet. in Barneys they have the bags in a baby purple. its GORGEOUS