Balenciaga has spoilt me

  1. I just received a cute Isabella Fiore with "Faith, Love, Hope" embroidered on it, thinking it looked really cute and edgy. Quality is great, I'm happy with it, but, it's not a bbag! It doesn't have that same "slouch" or "drape" to it. <sigh> 4 bbags and counting....
  2. lol, i know what you mean girl, nothing except my 2 leather gucci blondies even compares to my b-bags now :girlsigh:
  3. You are officially a Bbag snob :welcome:
  4. It's hard to let go of a bbag. I manage pretty well though. I have too many bags to be hooked on one label.
  5. Well, I'm not completly a bbag snob. I also own 3 paddys and have the navy on order.
    Off to browse those quilted suede Miu Miu bags....
  6. sunspark, you are now officially "balified" :supacool: . i cant count my total bal bags anymore, it is waaaaaaaaay to scary. lets just say i have cc bill to pay for 5 more:girlsigh: bal bags this month and call it a day..............
  7. I love that IF bag that you now have! Nothing really does compare to a bbag, but dang that IF bag is sharp!
  8. same here. now when i look at bags, i touch the leather. i was in love with chloe silverado, but once i touch it, i don't like it anymore :P
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