Balenciaga Hardware Colors

  1. Hey everyone! Does anyone know if we can request specific hardware colors on the bags or do they just come out randomly per color of the bag? I am picking up a new charcoal gray Twiggy from the Balenciaga store in Taipei in a week and I just wanted to check :tup:

    Thanks in advance! I will be sure to post pics of my Twiggy when I get it :smile:
  2. you can find this info in the reference thread
    i believe before s/s 2004 it is silver hardware
    after that until now it is brass for regular hardware (RH)
    or gold and silver for giant hardware that started beginning 2007
  3. Thanks! I'll take a look, I was sure this had be discussed somewhere on the forum, just couldn't find the thread! :wacko:
  4. Many of the current year styles are made in all hardwares, others are not. The Twiggy is only a regular hardware bag. For others, like the City, you can choose regular, giant gold or giant silver (depending on availability).