Balenciaga Hardware by Year

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  1. I am going to use this as a template thread. Please post what you can about the hardware by year. This will eventually be cleaned up and turned into a reference thread but we need to get this information together as well.
  2. I am sure fromparis has a list somewhere and will post it here shortly! :yahoo:
  3. We need close up pics of hardware from different seasons. I have some that Violet sent me.
  4. 2003 Flat Hobo in Mastic Color - Hardware

  5. silver/pewter hardware on:

    '03 caramel

    '03 red

    bales on '03 caramel and red

    hardware on '04 lilac
    110-1081.pf_IMG.jpg 03caramel_IMG.jpg 03red_IMG.jpg 03bales_IMG.jpg 04lilac_IMG.jpg
  6. You are right Roo:heart:, here is my list for regular HW:smile:

    2001 FW / Flat Brass HW

    2002 SS FW / Flat Brass HW

    2002 FW / Suede editions / Raised Silver HW

    2003 SS / Raised Silver HW

    2003 FW / Raised Silver HW

    2004 SS / Raised Silver HW

    2004 FW / Raised Brass HW
    2005 SS / Raised Brass HW
    2005 FW/ Raised Brass HW
    2006 SS / Raised Brass HW
    2006 FW/ Raised Brass HW
  7. I know this has nothing to do with the question but didn't want to start a new thread which would probably be locked by what I have read and don't feel like reading 10,000 posts...I have been gone for a few days and apparantly alot has been going on but why did LP's site disappear only seemingly to be reinvented here?

  8. Ohhh you're an ANGEL 'P' fromparis :angel::winkiss: thank you so much for the informations, they are just PERFECT :tup::yes:
  9. Thank you First"I" !!!
    Your pics are matching perfectly with my list ;)

    All the Pfers contributions will make this Bal Forum a great place soon !!!
  11. Hi girls just wanted to share pics of hardware first set are pewter hardware and inside tag pics from an 03 first the second set are f/w 04 marron pics of tag and hardware. Hope this helps I wish I could provide more but I don't have that many pieces
    DSC00911.JPG DSC00910.JPG DSC00909.JPG DSC00882.JPG DSC00914.JPG
  12. more pics...:smile:
    DSC00892.JPG DSC00883.JPG
  13. 02 Flat Brass Caramel


    02 Flat Brass

  14. 02 Suede with Pewter hardware

  15. s/s 04 raised silver