balenciaga handbags 2006 style

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  1. I smell bad, kinda like canned SPAM!
  2. i bet it doesn't hold a candle to the real one, what's special about a balenciaga is the leather quality, but i suppose you can give it a shot. at least they don't claim to be real.
  3. At that price, "foolish" would most certainly be an understatement for such a claim:amuse:

  4. indeed, but i've seen it happen
  5. the neme of the site does conjure up the image of very tacky and cheap copied bags
  6. man, some people have all the nerve...:suspiciou

    IF a real one was at that price, that site would have had a system failure from all the PF people trying to get their hands on them a long time ago:P

  7. this a spam???
  8. ...i think i missed something.
  9. probably.
  10. hmmm, interesting... but still... i'd cut my arms off - actually cut one arm off to get the real deal! :amuse:
  11. I would be really careful. Always remember, if it sounds to good too be true, than it is too good to be true. And for the most part, you get what you pay for.
  12. I only have one question ... WHY?!?!

    Have you ever seen a really bad fake Balenciaga? Remember, most of the times, these sites post pictures of the 'real' things ... that is why they don't look that bad. Then you get the 'fake' ... and it reeks! If you're going to spend $100 (+Tax, +Shipping, etc.), why not just buy a nice Coach bag or something else that is nice and more in your price range? I would hate to have you spend your money on something that shouts 'FAKE'!!!
  13. Arden B. has some kinda cute teeny tiny wannabe moto bags for under $100. I like them better.
  14. I seen them , they a had a cute powder blue one