Balenciaga Handbag Charm

  1. I know I saw it in either Harper's Bazaar or Vogue but I'll be darned if I remember which. Anyone have any idea where one might find the Balenciaga handbag charm? It was very cute and would look grand on my Ink Box. Seems like it was around $200.00. I don't see them online (only one style was pictured so that might be all there is) and I think the article listed a store in Hawaii with a phone number - no website. Help!
  2. Hi...I would love to see a picture of that...It sounds like something that we all might want...Keep us posted if you hear any more news. :sos:
  3. What did it look like?
  4. I feel a sudden chill of lust for this.

    Please tell more!
  5. i think this was in last month's harpers bazaar- it was a little key chain. very cute!
  6. Someone find last month's Harper's Bazaar fast!!! :sos::sos::sos:
  7. shoot I saw this while traveling and left the magazine on an airplane. it was cute!!
  8. i left my copy of hb at work and looked at it. i didn't see any charm. on what bag was it?
  9. Which edition is it? I have the US edition on my desk at work and haven't read through the whole thing yet, it's so big! I'd love to see it!
  10. it's the US edition that says something about the biggest one ever :smile: I think it was towards the beginning
  11. For the love of god, please, someone post pics of the charm!!!!!

    I'm dying to see this....I'm beginning to think I need this already:rolleyes:
  12. the harpers with one of the Olsens on the cover?
  13. Wait I cant remember who is on the cover now, I have a Harpers at home unopened.
  14. Is it the issue with Kate Hudson on the cover?
  15. yea, i finally found it last night! it's not a miniature handbag, just a round charm, hard to tell exactly what is is!!!!