Balenciaga Gsh + A Few Other Questions Help!!

  1. Hello ladies
    First off this is my first post so excuse any obvious questions...

    1) I am a big B bag fan. I am looking for the BRIEF with GSH. Does it exist caue i Have never seen it.
    2) what is the retail price for the new GSH B-Bags.?
    3) How can I know which eBay sellers are reliable?
  2. I haven't seen a brief w/ Giant Silver Hardware, just gold.
    Perhaps you could call Balenciaga NY and ask.

    As far as eBay sellers, it's a good idea to post the auction in the "Authenticate This" thread under Balenciaga shopping before you bid on anything.
  3. There's a black brief w/ GSH at NM it was $1595 or something like that
  4. Thank you so much!!!
  5. Aloha Rag has stock of some GSH Brief. I checked sometimes last week or so.

    Giant Brief $1595
    07 Fall/Winter Giant Silver Hardware—Black, Plomb, Bleu, Mogano, Violet, Jaune D’or
  6. I've definitely seen the brief in Violet with GSH, which I recall from my maniacal days of searching for a Violet GSH Day. I *think* I saw a magenta brief with GSH this weekend at NM but don't quote me. It was the Fashion Valley store.