Balenciaga Green Grass Spring 2007 - Work size

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  1. Guys..

    I just want to share the latest pictures of work balenciaga in green grass color. This bag was on of the spring 2007 collection. :smile:

    Enjoy!! :wlae:

    balenciaga1.jpg balenciaga2.jpg
  2. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The color is just lovely! Congrats
  4. That is so AWESOME!! :yahoo: Beautiful!
  5. I am really loving this color in the regular hardware. Congratulations. It's gorgeous!
  7. :love: Gorgeous!!!!!!:love: So~ the handles on this season's Work isn't bigger then previous season bags~ right?
  8. Its soooo pretty! I just love the work in bright, vibrant colors - its so striking. I think I am going to chalk this color right on up there with my other favorite brights.
  9. it is gorgeous! congrats!!
  10. ^^ ACK, this color's killing me (in a good way!!!) :noggin:
  11. i love it!! congrats..

    i'm now liking the work sizes!!!! love the color too..
  12. This color's really growing on me! Amazing bag!
  13. do you own that bag?!?! If so WOW. nice!
  14. I LOVE the new green. I am so tempted to get one. Everytime I see a bag in this color, I just keep wanting it more!
  15. Awesome bag! I love it!!!! gotta get this color:smile: