Balenciaga Gladiator Sandals with GH - anywhere?

  1. I'm desperately looking for a pair of gladiator sandals with Giant Hardware.
    If you have seen them in a store that ships to Europe or in an onlineshop please let me know:tup: It would be greatly appreciated!

  2. bump ...
  3. try balparis, i think the easiest place to find the shoes with all the colors and styles would be the flagship store. most other places only carry bags or a limited selection...
  4. i think it's from last spring/summer. i remember seeing heidi klum and/or sienna miller wearing them (from online not IRL).
    good luck finding them. i think they are gorgeous.
  5. Hi ive seen them on eBay, for 1k
  6. Saw them on eBay though they weren't listed as balenciaga they were listed as nicole richie gladiators or something like that
  7. They're on eBay - size 7, you can buy them now.