Balenciaga giant shoulder bag with chain strap?

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  1. I've just ordered a new Bal online (picture attached). The store describes it as 'Balenciaga Giant Shoulder bag'. However, it has a chain strap and I can't find out what year/season it is from (it was in the outlet section on the website), or see anywhere else stocking it. Can anyone give me more info on it? Or even better, experience of using it? The price was amazing as was being sold at half price, and then another 30% off and the store is reputable.
  2. Try the authenticate thread
  3. Did you get the bag??
    I se that they still have it at their website...
  4. I ordered it but returned it. No issues with it's authenticity but was just too small to be practical for me.
  5. Lucky me, cause I ordered it today!! :smile:
    I was planning on getting a small black bag with silver hardwear to wear for evenings out. I already have 2 Balenciaga Hip so I know the size will be perfekt for my need. I use my bigger bags during daytime but need something small and black for party!! Thank you for returning it cause now it is on it's way to me :smile:
    Did you get another bag??
  6. I've got a giant silver shoulder in rose thulian I got in Harvey Nichols. Like you I love my City & Work for daytime, but like something smaller for the evening. I had been using my suede Hip, but the Shoulder is a bit more dressed up! Enjoy your black one when it comes!
  7. Thank you. I'm looking forward to get the bag next week. Happy to hear that the "shoulder shape" is a bit more dressy than the hip... That will be perfekt for me since I'm looking for a party-bag :smile:
    One of my hip bags are in rose thulian with giant rosegold harwear. I really love the color rose thulian and wouldn't mind to have a bigger bag in that color as well...
  8. I just bought a rose Thulian city yesterday!!!!

    She will be here next week.

    Can't wait!
  9. Also, I would love to have the option of wearing cross body.
  10. Congratulations!! I am sure you will love it!!