Balenciaga Giant Pouch or Pouch

Mar 17, 2010
Chicago, IL
Does anyone own this item?? I am really interested in seeing some real life picture of this item. I am wondering if this is small enough to put in my City and use as a clutch as well. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
May 1, 2009
Michk has a rh one,too, you could find her mod pics(pics of wearing your bags pics only) of using the pouch as a clutch, you may pm mich to help you.


Mar 10, 2008
london uk
That's exactly what I am looking for. They called it "pouch" on their website. Have you used yours just as a clutch?
Yes, I used it in las vegas when I went:smile:

It also has a neat little extra metal ring inside it, which is for you to attach the mirror, but because the zip inside pocket also has a metal ring, these rings are perfect to attach a shoulder strap to, I have lately been experimenting with attaching a longer shoulder strap ( I made myself ) and wearing it cross the body.
If I can find pictures , I will post a bit later when I am at home:smile:


just one more...
Feb 17, 2009
I have the Pouch with giant hardware. It is a small clutch. It doesn't fit a lot at all and its hard to hold if u stuff too much in there. It is a very cute style and I like it for more fancy nights out (mine is stardust black and gold).

Personally, I wouldn't use it to put in another bag because I just prefer the coin purses for that purpose. It would no doubt fit in the city though.

MichK's thread has some great pics of the style with regular hardware: