Balenciaga Giant Money Colors @ Nordstroms

Feb 25, 2009
Los Angeles/ San Francisco
Hi Girls,

I am on a search for a Giant Money wallet w SH. No rush. I was wondering which seasons would they carry colors like blue, red, purpleish etc. I just want a wallet that is bold. No pastels they get dirty fast for me that is. Can someone give me some advice? It'll be my first wallet from Bal.

P.S Does the Bal bag leather fade? I'm getting Blk bag and was wondering if it does how do u prevent it? Or do u just let it fade?


Jul 9, 2009
Hong Kong
I have the Black Money wallet with GSH and it is a very sturdy wallet. No fading issues at all. Well, just bought it months ago but I also got another black one with GGH.
I know I should have gone with trying out another color, but I have issues with maybe eventually the corners rubbing against something and the wallet with color will definitely show signs of wear while the black is better in masking it.
Get the Black 2010 bag: beautiful leather and jet black color!!!