Balenciaga GH Sizing

  1. First of all let me say thank you to all the members of the Balenciaga Forum. You've all been really helpful with all my questions and I apologize for asking a few more questions, but I was having trouble searching for answers. I'm trying to help my friend get a bag and we're looking at GSH. What we're trying to figure out is sizing ranging from the smallest to largest and which ones have a shoulder strap (like the City). Thanks in advance!
  2. The smallest is the First which has a strap. It is a good size for a going out at night bag, might be a little small for an everyday bag.

    The medium size is the City which also has a strap. This seems to be the most popular size for an everyday bag.

    The next biggest size is the Part-Time which is a little longer than the City but I think a little shorter in height. People love it with the GH. It also has a strap, which is even longer than the City strap.

    The biggest size is the Work size, which looks like the City but is much bigger and does NOT have a strap. The handles can fit over the shoulder but they are tight. This is obviously a great size for work. Some wear it as an everyday bag, but shorter people sometimes thinks it overpowers them for everyday.

    There is also the Weekender which is even bigger than the Work but is not really an everyday bag.

    I described the typical motorcyle bags but there are definitely more than what I describe (e.g., Brief, Day, Hobo). Hope this helps!