Balenciaga GH Brief or Hobo? Help!

  1. I am totally stumped:confused1: I can't seem to choose between the Brief or the Hobo in Sandstone, help?? Do check out the pics. Please share your views between the two styles so I can make my choice.

    Thanks girls!:smile:
    DSC03910.JPG DSC03950.JPG
  2. Even though it doesn't look good on me i much prefer the Brief. Love it in this colour too! :yes:
  3. I am really loving the brief for some reason~ maybe b/c I love the leather on it more. They are both beautiful styles though. The brief would carry more~ does that matter to you?
  4. Hobo!! It fits so nicely on the shoulder.
  5. I love the brief!!:heart:
  6. Thanks, I love that color too, somehow it seems to go with a lot of things!
  7. Oh yes definitely, I love big bags and I always seem to have a lot of things to put in it. Do you think the opening of the brief is too narrow though? Does anyone have problems with that?
  8. i have the brief and i think the opening is fine. i usually angle the opening so you can fit things in. does that make sense? because everything fits fine once you get it into the bag and i curve my papers so they make it through the opening and then it's fine.. heheh i pick the brief! but really depends how big a bag you need.
  9. I know, thats why I'm confused :confused1: , I saw a picture of the hobo being worn by another person here on TPF and it looked really good on her. The only reason I am a bit more inclined towards the brief is that I'm waiting to get one of the Day bags (which I sooooo love! Tomato yeah!) and the Day and the hobo are a bit similar except that I'm so loving the day more. Argh! i wish I could afford to get all styles, :drool: but alas, I have to choose. :crybaby:
  10. Hobo!!!
  11. I just can't get on board with the Brief so it's Hobo for me. But the Sandstone in GH is completely TDF! :yahoo:
  12. The leather on the Brief is TDF!!!!:nuts: But I really like the Hobo better! Either one is going to look awesome though!
  13. brief.
  14. I am feeling that hobo!
  15. the brief is way bigger than the hobo. personally i would go with the hobo.