Balenciaga GGH Bags {Pay-it-Forward}!

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  1. #1 Jan 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2009
    I know a lot of you have posted your desire to get bags with the Giant Gold Hardware (GGH) since they are going to be discontinued very soon. I just got back from the Barneys NY / Chestnut Hill (MA) store, and they have quite a few. Unfortunatly, since the H/B got laid off in early December, I have to curb my spending :crybaby:. Hopefully ... down the road (when the H/B finds another job - FINGERS-CROSSED), someone can pay-it-forward to me and let me know where I can find either a Bouton d'Or RH Part-Time, Jaune RH Part-Time. or Madarine RH Part-Time :drool:!! Thanks & HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

    Here's the list of GGH Bags:
    --> Charbon GGH Part-Time
    --> Charbon GGH City
    --> Charbon GGH Mid-Day
    --> Anthracite GGH Brief
    --> Black GGH Mid-Day
    --> Bouton d'Or GGH City

    They also had the following SGH bags:
    --> Magenta (Amethyst) SGH Pom-Pom
    --> Rubisse SGH Pom-Pom (this was a BEAUTY!!!)
    --> Rubisse SGH Part-Time
    --> Rubisse SGH Mid-Day
    --> Rubisse SGH City
    --> Mandarine SGH City
    --> Mandarine SGH Mid-Day
    --> Framboise SGH City

    They also had a Framboise RH City which had REALLY nice leather! The number at the store is (617) 969-5354 ... ask for Peter or Jen (they are the Balenciaga SA's).

  2. Oh yeah ... before I forget, they also had the Black & White "Lattice" (Woven) City if anyone is interested.
  3. Ceejay, you are an angel!! Thanks for sharing! Do you remember how the leather was on the Charbon GGH PT? Do they ship overseas?
  4. chinkee - the leather on the Charbon PT GGH was really nice, thick & chewy! I'm not sure if Barneys ships overseas (I'm in the US - obviously); maybe some of the other gals can speak to that.
  5. Found out something interesting re: Barneys shipping to outside the U.S. Apparently, it CAN be done ... they will send the item to the Beverly Hills store and then the Beverly Hills store will send it outside the U.S. Just thought I would let everyone know ...
  6. Sorry, but what's "pay-it-forward"? :confused1:
  7. The expression originally comes from the financial sector ... however, from a sociological perspective, it has come to mean "generalized reciprocity/exchange" (some also refer to it as "alternative giving") ... meaning that since I've provided information about where folks can find some of the GGH bags, they in turn will let me know if/where they find my *wish list* items!