Balenciaga getting the respect it deserves!! ????

  1. Please be aware when you are reading this that the content is very good but the details are awful....but I am trying....:rolleyes: :yes:

    So today I was flipping through the new BAZAAR magazine and I was looking at an article.

    The article was something like..... "How do you know if you are buying something that will eventually be 'Vintage'. Toward the end of the article it mentions Balenciaga handbags and Nicole and Lindsey.

    And then my cell phone rang !!!!! and I got distracted

    Does anyone have the new Bazaar? and can give better details. THANKS :sweatdrop:
  2. basically it was saying that if you've ever owned something from a designer's collection that made it "big" with celebrities, then you're likely onto a good thing (in terms of collectibles). The Bbag is an example of such an accessory. It just continues to say that just because it's on the red carpet doesn't mean it'll look good on everyone, but to let it "inspire you" (as quoted by Rachel Zoe)...hope that helps! (and yes, I'm a geek and ran for my Bazaar)