Balenciaga Germany

  1. Hi - does anyone know if Balenciaga in Frankfurt is close to the airport or congress center?
  2. haven't been there but my guess is no..'cause both the airport and the convention center are a little bit outside of the city..
    I would guess its somewhere around the mutual inner city shopping areas?!
    when are you going :heart:
  3. i think there is no belanciaga store in frankfurt, germany. but i do know one in berlin. actually it is not official store but authorized seller called van revenstein - leibnizstrasse 49, phone +49(0)30 31004602. maybe you can call them to ask. hope this help.
  4. there is no bal in frankfurt, but blumör in the kaiserhofstraße (near to fressgass in the city center) carries a tiny selection of bbags!
  5. thank you!
  6. you can check petra teufel in hamburg. they have a huge variety of bags. they send it all over the world and they also order them for you from the stock list if possible. they have a very cute general manager called "Kelly"
    Petra Teufel GmbH
    Hohe Bleichen 13
    20354 Hamburg

    have fun
  7. fyi...I went to Frankfurt a few weeks ago and found the good shopping area - prada, 2storyLV, but no bal...