Balenciaga Funk

  1. I can't seem to get too excited about any colors lately. I have been looking for an eggplant for seemingly forever and a pastel color of sorts, but I can't seem to pinpoint it. None of my current bags are satisfying my Balenciaga love.

    I am so hoping that Spring 07 will bring some great bright colors that I've been missing out of this years bags.

    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. Be patience... your color will come out eventually. :P
  3. yeah - i can just feel it in my blood... there are going to be some really HOT colours coming soon!!!! hehehe!
  4. I feel the say way, balenciagalove. I'm not crazy about the current season's colors, but I've grown to appreciate the waxier leather.. could it be that they're running out of ideas for colors? I mean, even I can't think of a color they haven't covered yet.. Maybe that's why they went for the toile.
  5. i hope they come out with more yellowish tones. i really like the anis colour! but it's so hard to get nowadays. i'm not too excited about the new colours either. :unsure:
  6. i'm not crazy about the new leather at all. which is why i haven't been buying them.
  7. Well, I definitely didn't like the Spring '06 colors except for the grey :amuse: ! I'm a fall/winter girl, so I can't wait for the beautiful, rich dark colors! I want a garnet, :love: soo badly!
  8. YES! Definitely. The last 2 seasons' colors were kind of blah... I feel like asking what happened to the bright turquoise, apple green, and pink? Even last year's S/S colors weren't that vibrant...
  9. I can't sympathize; I was in a huge funk of the shapes. Nothing was working for me. I had purchased and sold a first, a mini-moto, and a medium. They just did not "fit" right on me. However my luck changed when I found a hobo bag in black on Ebay (remember the one I was scared was fake?) Now I am in total love :love: . It took a few months, but I found my match. You will find your color; it is out there (or will be in the upcoming seasons).
  10. I also can't wait to see more fun bright colors! I just recently got into Bbags and wish I had been into them when they had all the bright colors (turquoise, magenta, apple, etc).

    Becca, I'm glad you finally found your style. How about some pics of your new bbag?
  11. I know what you mean. I have just recently discovered Bbags too. As you can tell by my username I have been a bit infactuated by Mr LV, but I am tossing between an LV Epi Jasmine or a Balenciaga for my next bag and I too am not sure about the current colours. My fav is the bubblegum :love:. It is soooo yummy.
  12. Try calling some of the stores in the warm climates like Florida. Ive recently seen magenta and a really cool purple one at Saks. Just a thought. good luck
  13. My ink city was love at first sight! But I am really looking forward to seeing the new fall colors- I just know they are going to be amazing!
  14. I think Balenciaga should look inside the huge box of Crayola crayons and make a bag in every color!
  15. Ooh, great idea!