Balenciaga from NM The Book

  1. I've been playing with my scanner and thought I would post some pics to tPF. This picture is in Neiman Marcus the Book Sept 2006.

    Balenciaga Tobacco/black leather handbag $1495.
  2. Patent leather is in this season. The tobacco is pretty.
  3. You know what drives me crazy about Neiman Marcus ... only 'certain' stores carry the Balenciaga bags. For instance, the Boston store doesn't carry them because the bags are also sold at Barneys NY (Copley) as well as Louis Boston. Gretta Luxe (in Wellesley) also carries B-Bags, but their Boston/Copley store can't.

    The other day, I was told by an S/A that a lot of the stores cut-back their orders because they are now "stuck" (as she put it) with a lot of bags from the prior seasons and they aren't supposed to put them on sale!
  4. It reminds me of the Fendi "B" bag - tan and patent combo. I kind of like it.
  5. i've just been sent pdf from shirise, they have that bag too.
    please PM me if you want the pdf :P
  6. Not a fan of that particular bag. I like patent on bags, but not the tobacco color or details.
  7. i like the little bow detail. it's kinda fendi and luella and choo mixed into one.
  8. one question the gretta luxe copley store closed awhile ago..what is open is the salon and mini sample boutique
  9. I was just going to say that. It kinda resembles the B. Fendi bag!
    its cute!
  10. The Copley store is still open; it's down the corridor past Thomas Pink across from the entrance to the Weston.