balenciaga from LVR

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  1. I finally received the information from LVR about their balenciaga bags and how to buy if anyone is interested. It is about $250. cheaper than in the us and I have the pricing and styles. You have to have your bank wire the money to them and I have this wiring information too. My black city should be here before Valentine's day and I think my total will be about $950. I bought my chocolate paddy from them and I started carrying it last night and I absolutely love it. It is the most beautiful brown bag that I have ever owned. They have the ink color and I am going to order that in the small City. Some of the bags come in the new green color. They do have returns but you have to pay the postage. PM me if you are intersted in any of this information. I'm sold on LVR.
  2. Can you give me the website for LVR please?
  3. wow, nice information!
  4. Yupie, thanks, Issmom.
  5. I like them too. I bought a roxanne there and it was very easy (too easy LOL).
  6. loren, i PMed you! :smile:
  7. wow...are these authentic bags?? I really want a balenciaga first/classique...and if I can save $250 I'M SOLD!
  8. I wouldn't wire money. If you do, you won't have any protection if you get a fake or a bad bag etc.
  9. Whoa... saving $250 is hella nice!!
  10. It's as safe as wiring money to Saks and as authentic.
  11. loren, i also orderd a choc paddy from them. can you please post pics of yours? mine' not coming till March!:cry:
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