Balenciaga from Italy

  1. Hi, I'm Simona and I live in Milan, here in Italy there isn't a lovely forum like this, dedicated to bags, handbags etc.
    I love bags , I have a Manhattan LV, a lot of Prada and Gucci but my favourite bags are Balenciaga!
    I bought a city ( in the picture) and a Mid afternoon in caramel.
    Here is the city, I love it!!
    I like to see in this forum that exist a lot of glam girls like me!!
    Thank you.........and sorry for my english...
  2. Hi Simona and welcome!!! Beautiful bag by the way! :yes:
  3. hi! welcome girl :yes:
    i'm sure you'll have lots of fun here in this forum...
    here's ur bag in bigger post because it's gorgeous :smile:
  4. Is that a greige city? Stunning!

    And welcome to the Forum!
  5. welcome!!
  6. beautiful bag !!! :love: and welcome :p
  7. Thank you!!!
    this colour is grey, I don't Know if it's a greige or anthracite, the flash of the camera looks it bright..
    you are more expert !!!
    And very friendly!
  8. I :heart: your greige city and its good to see that people from all countries around the globe can have something in common that is so dear to their heart.
  9. welcome! i like your bag!
  10. Hi Simona, welcome, and guess what...:p I live in Milan as well!!!:p
    In what shop did you get your lovely city? (just curious)
  11. I bought the city in the picture in Monza , the authorized retail is Pozzi Lei; the mid -afternoon I bought in Milan , the shop is 10 Corso Como.
    But in Milan you can buy Balenciaga bag in two shop too ( marisa and antonia)
    Welcome in Milan!:yes:
  12. You will love it here! It is so great that there is always someone with a little advice or a little love to share!
  13. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. Welcome! It's always nice to have a new member to share the Bbag love!
  15. You are all very very lovely!!!
    In italian there is a word: "dolci", that translated is "sweety"..or tender.:heart:
    You are dolci!
    :tender: :heart: :heart: :heart: