Balenciaga Forum.. a small suggestion! :)

  1. hello :flowers:
    thank y:huh::huh:Oou lo:huh::huh:vely Vlad and Megs for your enourmace efforts of making this Forum a more beautiful place each and every day!! :love:
    i cant count the lovely enhancments each section got within the past 8 monthes! it is amazing looking back then.. and seeing it now :jammin:

    execuse me if this is a redundent suggestion! but.. how about a small club for B Bag lovers similar to that of LV.. and since the most beautiful characteristic of b bags is the variations of colors.. how about if the club was like color based!! say.. one for "Reds".. One for "Blues.." etc..
    and i am sure members will come up with more titels.. like "pales".. "stricking solids..".. "warm tones.." "cool ones".. etc!! :upsidedown: then we'll get to brows the lovely pics and read the info about say all red b bags out there and their leather.. the season they came out in.. etc
    what do u think :shame:
    thanks for reaching this line :flowers:
  2. what a wonderful idea, vanilla addict!!!

    there could also be clubs for the different styles-"mini coin purse" club, "first" club, "city" club, "work" club, "weekender" club, "flat brass" club, "clutch/shoulder" club, etc. i think people tend to love the bags by a particular year's leather too so there can also be the "2001 leather" club, "2002 leather" club, etc.

    oh please, Vlad and Megs!!!!!!
  3. boobie club :graucho:
  4. awwwwwww thanks BooYah for supporting this suggestion.. :shame: :flowers:
    oooh yes!!! leather and style clubs would be wounderful :jammin: !!!
    allison L:huh::huh:OL ya and that club too!!:roflmfao:
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