Balenciaga for men??!! Whats the deal?

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  1. Hey boys & gals

    I am just wondering what do you fashionistas think of a guy carring a Balenciaga? I have a men Day messenger in Olive and it rocks my socks. However I want to see more guys with the B bags here in my town so we can create a B-STORM. How's that? Also I would love to see any male celebs with a Balenciaga.:yes:
  2. Totally not my husbands style. I wish I could get my brother to rock bbags.
  3. I think there's a Bbag boy club in the Clubhouse. :yes:
  4. careful what you wish for :graucho: we are off in a couple of weeks to visit one of our sons on the 'set'..I might just ask a few of the guys on his series to 'hold' my camel City while I snap their pics on my cellphone!
  5. I have a courier and a work. I'm helping your cause :flowers:!
  6. I would love to see stylish guys rocking Bbags! So much better than a scruffy nylon backpack or messenger bag.
  7. I have a mens day and love it!
  8. I have a mens day and love it!
  9. I cringe every time I see someone post something about whether or not something is 'okay' for a guy. If you like it and think it looks good on you then buy it.
  10. I have several Bbags, I love them all! Just today I got a guy drooling all over my Truffle Weekender.
  11. my man looks HAWT with a men's courier messenger style...but he says he doesn't like the tassels! I think a Work or Weekender with RH in a dark neutral color works well for men too!

    As long as he doesn't start wearing my bags...then we would have a problem
  12. Love all my Bbags and you can't stop at 1, its such an addiction!
    There are not many guys carrying Bbag here which makes it that more special.

    Wow! :nuts: Did you post pics of your Truffle WE yet? Come on, we need a thread to lust after all your gorgeous Bals! :graucho:
  13. Shoot I carry a part time. Also have a day but I love the part time most- but I also don't beleive in sticking to "rules". You should wear what you love!
  14. I love men who are confident to wear what they want!! My father in law told me that in Italy men always carried bags!
  15. My friend just came back from Japan with all these bags, hes a lil straighty though. Its funny he used to always ask me why I carried bags, and now he does the same.