Balenciaga for LV Lovers

  1. I've been looking at Balenciaga and thinking, if I were to cross over from LV and get my very first Bbag, what size would it be? I have the list from AR that shows Balenciaga measurements, and I've checked out the Photos Wearing your Bbags thread, both of which are very helpful. :yes:

    What I've found myself doing is comparing Bbags to the sizes of LV I'm most familiar with. For example, the Box seems to be about the same size as my Speedy 25. The City is slightly larger than the Batignolles Horizontal. For those of you who love both...can you think of any other size/shape comparisons that might help?

    Now color, that's a whole other decision-making process. Lots more choices than LV!:yahoo:
  2. Hi hippie! Can you go to a store that sells Bbags near where you live? If so, you can see them that way.

    A lot of first time Bbag buyers start off with the city size which is apprx. 15" X 10".

    Do you like big or small bags? What do you carry in your bag?
  3. I'm not sure where to find Bbags in Atlanta. Maybe Saks?

    Big or small...that's part of my problem. I love mid-size handheld bags like the Speedy, because they are so light and easy to carry. But big shoulder bags like the BH are fabulous for work. I carry about the same amount of stuff either way - wallet, wristlet, pochette with assorted small stuff inside, Blackberry, small makeup bag, keys, sunnies in a hard case - but it's nice to have room to throw in a bottle of water and a sandwich or a paperback too. I could really go either way on that. I guess I already have 2 Speedies but just 1 big "work" bag (a Paddy shoulder bag), so maybe another larger bag would be the way to go. Decisions!
  4. maybe the box or the twiggy would be best for you.
    i have the box and it fits about the same stuff as my speedy 25. i dont have the twiggy, but i heard it even fits more things.
  5. I personally love the size of the work! I started with the city~ which I LOVE also! I bet the city would be great for you to start! I said START-LOL~ they're so addicting!

    The city also has a strap which is a plus and it is detachable. Have a look at this thread too!~
  6. me_love_purse, I was thinking of the Box, definitely. That has a shoulder strap too, doesn't it?

    zacorey, thanks so much for your help! That thread is great! As for the Work...I saw a black one on someone a couple of weeks ago, and it was gorgeous (if a bit too...shiny), but I remember thinking it was huge. I think a City might be a better size for me. BTW, I'm from MA too...:yes: ...a transplanted Yankee!
  7. OMG- you're from MA! I went to college in Boston and have been here ever since!
  8. Hi Hippie, are you my twin?? :lol: I have been an LV lover since day 1 but finally took the plunge to order a greige city :yahoo: I havn't received it yet, but I'm hoping I fall in love with it as much as I did when I first saw my damier speedy 30 and BH. Once I receive it, I'll let you know how the size compares to my speedy 30!!
  9. Hi Andreax716, my LV sister! The Damier Speedy 25 :heart: was my first LV, but by no means my last. I adore LV, the quality and style are amazing, but I miss having leather bags. I had a BH for a while, but sold it because the double straps kept slipping off my shoulder. :crybaby:The City might be a good alternative to that, with just 1 strap, plus the handles seem like a helpful addition. Congrats on your new City, and definitely let me know how you like her once she arrives!
  10. Hi Hippie, I think that you would love the City. It holds so much *stuff* and it is a lot lighter than LV's. :yes:
  11. I don't think you will have a lot of luck finding b-bags in Atlanta, I haven't. I am a BIG fan of the speedy but tend to like the size of the 30 better than the 25. I really prefer the city style in b-bags because you don't have to worry about closing them as much, they are big enough to carry a lot of stuff and aren't overly heavy. The box is nice too and holds about the same amount of stuff but I wasn't as comfortable leaving it unzipped and it was a little more difficult to keep it zipped. I tried the work on and it is just way to big for normal use IMO. I like big bags, I had the baggy gm, a noe, and a manhattan gm, but I really feel the city is big enough for daily use unless you are really using it for work (files, books, etc)

    You need to let me know, if you really want to try on a city we need to get together up at Lenox sometime! Feel free to PM me!
  12. I have done the same thing! I adore LV but am developing quite the little fetish for Balenciaga! :graucho:

    I have a City and a Purse (both for daily use) and am waiting on the arrival of a Shopping for work/shopping. :wlae:
  13. atelier.naff suggests you look here for Bbags:

    Jeffrey (Bob Ellis Shoes); 404.237.9000
  14. ^^ Thanks! I've checked the website, but it's not much help. Might have to go there in person...darn! :graucho:
  15. Lighter than LV? Currently I am carrying a Chloe shoulder bag, and remember LV as being really light! :yes: