balenciaga for $649

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  1. Isnt that extremely cheap??? i am not so good with balenciagas, but i think that is a great great great deal! (and i mean it is authentic, right?) wish i could buy it from there, but im in europe so i'll have to deal with taxes and what not...:crybaby::crybaby: Balenciaga Le Dix - Teal Blue Handbag (HOLIDAY SALE): Apparel
  2. Not sure about authenticity but its from DesignerDirectOutlet in Amazon. I thought Balenciaga did not have outlets.
  3. yeah i agree w/ mee4. im a little skeptical of their authenicity :/
  4. FAKE!!! BEWARE!!!:wtf:

    maybe you should post it in the balenciaga thread... plenty of experts there...
  5. oh okay, well if it's fake then its fak'e. I'm not so into Balenciagas but when i accidentally saw that i thought it was an amazing deal and the feedback for the seller was good so i just figured it was authentic. So i thought I'd post it here for the people who might be interested. Thanks for the warnings, very nice of all of you!!!:yes: just sad that it wasn't authentic:sad: