Balenciaga Floral Cotton Pattern from Spring 2006

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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the Balenciaga bag that was produced this past spring- it had a cream cotton material with little blue/lavender flowers and the bag was trimmed in black leather.

    I think it came in the hobo and the city.

    Let me know- also if you know where I could find one????
  2. i thought it was just referred to as the toile? I don't really know if there's an official name, sorry...
  3. Barney's in Manhasset at one when I was there about a month ago.
  4. I saw a hobo last week in toile at NM in San Diego. The number is 619-692-9100, ext 2122. Ask for Suzi - she is great.
  5. ^^I think it's still there. I saw it over the weekend. And I vouch for Suzi too--she's nice. If Suzi's not there, ask for Debra.