Balenciaga Flats Issue


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Nov 23, 2009
Hello ladies!

For those of you who own these (or any other brand that has the same issue), I just received mine today (in Viuex Rose, amazing color IRL!), I noticed that while they are very comfy with soft leather and all, they kind of press on my toe nail (the largest one), I know they are not tight because this happens even with larger size, I feel that my nail hits the corner of the shoe which makes it somehow uncomfy to be worn for a long time or for 2 days in a row.. My nails are always trimmed so that is not the issue..

I faced that with both of my Tory Burchs (the Reva and the loafer), I am not really worried because I know I will be able to wear my Bals, because I do wear my TBs but not as long as my other flats..

I was wondering if anyone can relate???

Thanks alot in advance!


Jun 4, 2006
Their flats are more tapered from the TOP, so in the end, it's still a width issue. You can bring your shoes to a cobbler and have them stretched :yes: Good luck!