Balenciaga flat 2002 - where to find?

  1. Hi,

    I am new here! :rolleyes:

    I am looking for a black Balenciaga bag flat brass 2002, not distressed but smooth and thick leather - see picture please

    Do anybody know where to find it besides eBay? Some vintage shops in the UK, Paris, LA ect. or web-sites..

    Thank you!
  2. here is the picture !
  3. you could always break into my closet :lol: but i'd prefer it if you didn't. eBay really is your best bet, if anyone here saw one in a vintage shop they'd probably buy it!
  4. eBay is your best option! They do come up from time to time...

  5. Or mine!


    ebay is your best bet!

  6. well, there is one on ebay now but in caramel