balenciaga first/small black or ink


Mar 7, 2006
does anyone know if any stores still has the ink in a city? im kinda jumping back and forth between the city and the first...

does the ink come in the small size??

PF ladies what do you think, black or ink, and first or city for a first-timer?? :biggrin: im so excited to join tho!!

barneys hasnt called me for my ink city! :cry:
Oh, you are going to love b-bags! I asked the same thing about the first vs. the city, and the lovely ladies of the forum advised that I get the city. I am glad I did too! Got the ink city- which is an AMAZING color! THe First is a bit too small for an everyday bag. The city is a perfect size, and so light weight, for everyday!

I think Balenciaga NYC, Barneys, and some NM still have the ink. Aloha Rag also might still have some.
the ink is a beautiful color!!!! :biggrin:: D :biggrin: u two are lucky girls!!

i want an everyday bag that goes well with everything like black!! hehe so do you think the ink is like that? thanks!
i think the ink is good! i just got a origan city, and it rocks. it's a good fun spring/summer color, I think it will go w/ pretty much everything. I LOVE the black, so you can't go wrong w/ that either...
The ink goes with EVERYTHING! ANd it is so distinctive, it literally changes colors depending on the light. It goes from violet, to ink blue to black. Just beautiful. But, I guess if you do not have a great black bag- that might be a better option (although there will always be black b-bags, so if you really love ink, get it while its hot). But regardless of color, I would really recommend the City opposed to the First for an everyday bag. Good luck with your decision and post pics so we can drool!
I agree with the other ladies..You should definitely consider the ink city! It is the perfect size and the color is fantastic! Like jag mentions, it changes in different types of lighting, so in a way, it's like getting 3 bags in one! :biggrin:
I just received mine, and I :love: it!
thanks girls for all your help!

im going to barneys on friday to check...hopefully they'll have one in store that i can just snatch! I HATE WAITING hahaha...esp. when the cash out flow has alreadi occurred and the bag has yet to arrived!

these designer bags are making my life miserable!! but i love them for it...i guess thats what we call a love hate relationship :biggrin:!
I ordered the city in ink last week from BalNY and they said that they have quite a few in stock still. I know they can ship it to you overnight if you can't wait (and if you don't live in the state of NY, you'll also save money cause they don't charge tax). Aloha Rag was out of the ink in city. I didn't check Barneys though. Good luck!
IMO the City is a great size for an everyday bag.
The First is a great size for casual evening type of bag.
The ink is a little more interesting than black IMO.