Balenciaga... first? or mini?

  1. [​IMG]

    is this a first or a mini? I can't tell and I like the size. Thanks!
  2. that looks like a first, just at a funny angle :smile:
  3. I think that's a First but the photo was taken in a weird angle. I see her with that particular white First all the time.
  4. And she looks good with her outfit, shoes and that First!!
  5. Yup, its a first.

    lol, definitely a wierd angle.
  6. the first
  7. totally agree - its a FIRST! hehehe, its so pretty!
  8. I may be wrong, but I don't think the Mini has a shoulder strap. My money is on the First, but that pic is really screwy!
  9. ^^^The mini does have a shoulder strap......but I also agree this bag is a first
  10. ^^ Thanks! I have only seen the Mini in photos, and I forgot they often photograph without the strap, so thanks for posting this!
  11. Nicole has the old white First with the longer shoulder strap ;) :love: