Balenciaga First or LV Speedy?

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Which one shoudl I get for my first designer purse?

  1. Balenciaga First

  2. LV Speedy

  3. Neither, other recommendations

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  1. Which one should I get for my first designer purse- Balenciaga First or LV Speedy or neither? I know there's a big price diff between the two, but price isn't a matter, well around 1k is the limit. I know they are diff styles but I'm torn. Want something classic, which the LV is but Balenciaga is more edgier, which I like.
  2. Both are great choices!!! How much stuff do you carry in your bags b/c the Bal first is pretty small.
  3. I think in this case, it completely depends on what you want.

    I myself, prefer the Balenciaga, but I do really like LV, and, at some point, I do want to get a Speedy.

    Personally, as much as I like the Speedy, I'm not a big fan of the monogramming all over the place screaming "LOUIS VUITTON HERE!"...not to mention that a lot of people just automatically assume your purse is fake since there are so many around. (Maybe a Damier or an Azur Damier?)

    So, if I had a choice, I would say Bbag.
  4. i agree. I like both but for me I currently and dying to get a bbag! I think the first is too small so I would go for a city or day.. but if I did get LV it would definitely be damier.
  5. I voted LV Speedy, I think it is a classic looking bag
  6. Speedy, it's timeless...
  7. I voted for the Balenciaga because I'm dying to try one. I think it's a great looking bag!
  8. This is why you should get a speedy:


  9. i vote for the Balenciaga
    good luck
  10. Balenciaga!
  11. bbag!
  12. get a Damier speedy I love mine
  13. Speedy is THE classic of all time. Looks great with jeans, looks great with all black. Great to use as a toiletries bag too, when you travel. Sorry, but the Bbag is a trendy bag. For the price, at the moment, get a Speedy.
  14. Definitely the Bbag. The leather is simply heaven and even though it is a smaller bag, you can fit a lot into it because of the type of leather that they use.

    I am convinced that Bbags (esp small Black ones) will become as "Classic" of a handbag as a LV Speedy. At some point in time, the Speedy was a new design and/or a fad that hung around. Bbags were popular four years ago and they're still going strong. That's the sign of a classic bag.

    WARNING!! Once you buy a Bbag, you will be hooked and will need to add more to your collection!!
  15. bbag!!!

    my first designer bag was an LV speedy (mono 25) which i bought last year, now i hardly ever use her. so sick of seeing so many of them around, real or not......... i bought a balenciaga city last month and i love love her......

    i still love my speedies (mono 25 and damier 30) but i've fallen for my bbag more. i love that there aren't that much bbags as much as LVs here, and even though my bbag doesn't command as much attention as my LVs, i still love love love her ...BTW, the leather is soooo TDF.......