Balenciaga First or City?

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm new here and this is my first post. I've enjoyed reading the valuable info on this forum from many different posts and I've learned alot.

    I have a question for you...

    If you were purchasing your very first Balenciaga bag and there was a choice between The First or The City, which would you choose?

    I ordered and received a First in Rouge Vif and I love the color but I'm debating about the size. I thought it would be bigger than what it turned out to be. I don't know, should I have ordered The City since the trend is bigger bags?

    I'm 5" 1" and I thought the measurements of the city's strap length 24.5" was too long for me but I guess I was measuring it wrong. I wasn't measuring from one end of the strap to the other, I measured from the top of my shoulder down and I thought it would hang past my hips.

    I'm debating whether to return it and exchange for The City or to keep it.

    Any advice would be appreciated
  2. I saw both the first and the city IRL at Barney's and I found I like the City better because it's more pratical. I didn't need another small purse where I couldn't keep much in it; I wanted something to be able to stash all my stuff into.

    I guess it depends on what your more practical needs are - do you plan on using it as a little purse where you don't carry much (for example, to go to a party), or are you just going to use it as an everyday bag? If your needs suit the latter, then go with the City. Otherwise, the First would be perfect :smile:

    Oh BTW, welcome to tPF! :supacool::yahoo:
  3. im only 5' and i thought about getting a first bc i didn't want the city to look too overwhelming on me but when i was at the store, i tried it on and i thought the city looked a lot cuter and i couldn't believe how much stuff i could fit in it. the strap on the city is pretty short and it falls on my hip perfectly. the city is the way to go and i think once you start using it you'll realize that you can even go a lil bigger. congrats on your first bbag, yall will be lifelong friends!
  4. Welcome! I was once in your exact same situation. I asked the exact same thread back in January or February, and the members overwhelming advised me to get the City! I am also 5'1" and am so glad that I chose the City for my first balenciaga (and so far my only). It is the most lightweight bag you will ever carry, you can fit a TON of stuff in it, and Balenciaga makes some of the most amazing colors available! All in all, you will fall in love with the City more and more every time you wear it!

    The first is wonderful for evening or when you don't have a lot to carry.
    It is especially great when you fall in love with a color that you would prefer in smaller doses.

    Good luck with your first b-bag purchase! And remember to post pics so we can all celebrate with you!
  5. Personally, I like the City style a lot! It is so roomy and can fit a few magazines or paperwork.
  6. I will pick the FIRST because I hate to see myself carry too much stuff in my bag. I think the Rouge will look really good in the FIRST...City for me in that color is just *too much red*..that's just me though. However, I like the style of the City better than the First. :smile: Let us know which one you have picked!
  7. well, i love both! but i think for the 1st b-bag i'd go for the bigger one, the city.
    when u can get some more money, u can buy the first :P
  8. I've been through all the styles. My very first B bag was a black city. I sold it and bought a hobo. I like the hobo style (shoulder) better but I LOVE my first. I'm so into the firsts. I think the leather is better on the firsts - just my opinion.

    I fit my large b wallet, a little cosmetic bag and my blackberry - True I could use more room in case I need my sunglass case but I can attach my blackberry to outside if I absoutely have to.

    I live in small town ville and I have seen exactly ONE other bag (a first in olive - wow) - carried by a college student here.

    I kinda feel a little conspicuous with a big city. Now if I was in a big city - I think I would like the city better.

    Make sense?

    I would go with the city since that's the most classic. Pick up a first some time later.
  9. I like both sizes. Both sizes look much bigger in pics than they do IRL, in my opinion. The city really isnt that big.
  10. Thanks everyone for your responses, I really appreciate it and also thanks for the warm welcome! :smile:

    I completely agree that in IRL The First is much smaller than in pictures I've seen. I have never seen a Balenciaga bag IRL because they don't carry them in the department stores where I live. If I had seen them, I would have known right away which one I wanted.

    In my mind, I had imagined it to be bigger for some reason and I pictured The City to be huge. That's why I chose The First, but now that I've received it, I wish I had chosen The City.
    I will be using it as an everyday bag and I do think The City will be more practical.

    Anyway, upon inspecting it, there was a VERY noticeable piece of thread hanging from the tag where the serial number is stitched and I have emailed Jumpei about it and am waiting for a reply to see if they will waive the restocking fee for returning/exchanging it. I think I want to exchange it for The City.

    Thanks again everyone! I will keep you posted.
  11. I agree. the first is rather small. you cannot fit much into the first...I vote for CITY.