Balenciaga First or BE LM Mini

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Bal First, BE LM Mini, or something else entirely

  1. Balenciaga First

  2. Belen Echandia LM Mini

  3. Something else (and what would that something else be?)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So, I had pretty much decided that my next bag purchase would be a bal first in black, or some other dark, relatively neutral color. But now i wonder about maybe getting a LM Mini instead.

    I'm looking for is a small, classic/funky, lightweight bag to carry just the essentials. One that can go from day to night (not black tie, night, but dinner/drinks what have you) and one that will fit comfortably over the shoulder, but not one that hangs too low.

    So what do you think, bal first, be lm mini, or something else entirely different? Any recommendations on colors? I'm not looking to buy today, or tomorrow for that matter, so I've got time to think.

  2. perhaps you could post a picture of the black bal first?? I'm not up on my bals. thanks!
  3. Oops, I meant to vote for the LM Mini but I hit 'other'
  4. Unless you're the size of a "silk thread", the Bal First isn't going to fit over your shoulder (as cute a bag as it is!)

    Having said that, the Bal First is COMPLETELY different from a LM mini!!!

    Have you considered a LM MIDI in a pebbled glossy????? The glossy pebbled leather collapses, so it doesn't feel nearly as large or big as a matte leather. How about a TME midi in a pebbled glossy????

    Another handbag to consider is the BE Hug Me in "small". I was going to buy my daughter a Bal First, but she :heart: her small Hug Me in pewter crash. It's the perfect bag and will effortlessly take you from day to night!
  5. I used to be a Bal girl, but am now loving BE!! So, I vote for BE. The BE mini will be bigger and is more of a tote style vs. the bal first being more hand held (it does have the shoulder strap though). I also think that BE leather is a lot tougher then the Bal leather. You can toss around your BE much more than a Bal. I guess it depends what your needs are. They are both gorgeous!
  6. Contessa-- Thanks so much for your in put for your input!

    Perhaps i should clarify... i'm really looking for something that will hold a small wallet, keys, cell phone, blackberry, maybe an ipod. Definitely something "clutch" esque, but that i can carry on my shoulder.

    The first has a separate shoulder strap, so i would use that for over the shoulder. I do have the small hug me and i will say that it is WAY too big for what i'm looking for. But I do love it! I don't have the LM Midi, but again, i think it's much too big.
  7. I've kinda debated this myself. I really think both would look great. For myself I've decided though I have pochettes that I sometimes carry they are made to look small and clutch-like, whereas I think the Bal First may look too small on me since it would be a bag I'd also use during the day. I'm 5'8'' and think the LM mini would work better plus there's twice the room. I love the pic of Cilifene with her pewter LM mini--so it gets my vote:
  8. I really like Bbags, but I would be terrified to take it out on the town. The leather seems so delicate and the tassels are constantly getting in the way. I think the mini looks great in a fun crash leather that is perfect for evenings or in a super bright color as a small summer bag. Karenina had a black crash mini that I always thought would make a great "going out" bag. If I can find it, I will be back.
  9. I voted for the Love Me mini too-the Bbag is a gorgeous bag, but like others have said, I would be less worried about my BE, especially in a going out/drinks atmosphere.

    I love that picture of Cilifene and her pewter crash! That is a TDF bag!
  10. I say go with a Black crash LMmini
  11. Hi, thanks for the link. I'm afraid I'm a bit Bal ignorant, but it is an edgy, cool-looking bag. That said, I vote Love Me Mini. I have one, and it is outrageous! I think so, anyway. It's got silver hardware which with the awesome black crash provides just enough "zazz" so to speak.

    I think it is quite classy but could be dressy OR funky depending how you wear it.
  12. ps: even with low quality phone pics, it's quite dazzling, imo. Goes over the shoulder, too.


  13. #14 Jan 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2009
    Contessa - The First is very easy to shoulder carry as it has a long clip on strap. I would prefer it as a small bag because it has a zip top; I would be afraid of losing valuables from the relatively open topped LM Mini. There are lots of other options I am sure if the Bal leather seems to vulnerable although there are plenty of older Bal bags still in regular use (2003/04/05).
  14. Some points to consider:

    If you are truly after the Bbag look, I don't know if anything else will do. I think the City has a very distinctive shape/look to it. It has a long, flat shape, compared to the LMM. All the gals here brought up excellent points in regards to wear, finish, practicality, etc., where the LMM would probably win, but if you are pining for a Bbag, and that's *really* what you want, you may find any bag, even one as awesome as the LMM, falling a little short.

    Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, I will say that I have seen some well-used Bbags and if you are planning on using the bag daily, I would plan on having some leather care products handy...I have seen many of the darker colors (the black and navy in particular) and with daily wear those bags look like they have been beaten with a stick - seriously! If the moms I knew took a little care with them, they probably wouldn't look so bad, but they take them with them everywhere, use them everyday, and are probably not so anal about upkeep, like I am LOL! The LMMs wear so nicely and they look beautiful from the get go..I think a sexy black crash LMM without the center divider would fit your bill nicely!