Balenciaga First Motorcycle bag (metallic bronze & burgundy) For $845

  1. I just saw a post in the deals section...
    this website

    has a semi annual sale. they have 2 balenciagas on sale.

    the company looks to be a designer handbag rental club. they claim the bbags are in excellent condition... and are about $100-$150 off retail price.
  2. by the way, I don't know if it's a legit website, I just saw something posted in the "deals & steals" forum and wanted to let balenciaga fans know about it . I am *not* endorsing the site at all!
  3. It's legit...just don't know if their pics reflect the true condition. I think the burgundy one is actually '05 Bordeaux (not '06 grenat). It looks like the handles are darkened, though.
  4. I bought from them before, they make the bags sound nicer than they really are. I bought one that said it was like new and the handles were darkened, the tassels were split and the extra ones were MIA, and there were cracks and splits all over. But a Burberry I bought in brand new condition really was new looking.